The Price Of Being Great

The funny thing about growth is that everyone wants it, but no one wants the endurance that comes before the glow and growth. We live in a time where likes and follows determine who is “winning”. When in all actuality nobody is really winning and no one is really losing. Life has become an all out competition when we are all in a lane of our own that runs parallel to one another. In other words we are all in our own lanes, but side by side, heading in the same direction. We all have similar goals, to be what we call “successful”. What is the definition of successful?

Successful /səkˈsesfəl/


  • accomplishing an aim or purpose
  • having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction.

My definition of being successful is FULLY accepting what you see staring back at you when you look in the mirror. Success is UNDERSTANDING that you are great regardless of your “mistakes” and “flaws”. Its ADMITTING that you are NOT perfect, nor will you EVER be. Realizing that you are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. Knowing that you are right here reading this blog because it is divine purpose and what you are getting from this is exactly what you need!! Tonight when you lay down and reflect on your life, like you do every night, just remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be on this journey.

Don’t get discouraged when those demons come in dozens. When they are attacking you think of this post. Come back and read it for the reminder. The reminder that every new level means new devil. If you are feeling pressure, sadness, frustration, etc. Know that this is THE PRICE OF BEING GREAT!

Bless up!


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