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When I wanted to take my career to the next level I enrolled into Art Institute San Diego. Confused as to what major to study my academic advisor guided me in the right direction, she said “Handy you should really look into advertising you seem like someone who would excel within that field.” I thank her everyday I see her; advertising opened my eyes to a whole new industry unfamiliar to me. Within the field I’m studying my focus has been on digital both on the agency and the creative side including working on integrating advertising mock campaigns, digital services and tools/products across platforms such as mobile/desktop web, native apps, social media etc.


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Q: How long have you been shooting ?

I’ve been shooting going on for about 7-8 years.

Q: What was your first shoot like ?

I was so nervous I watched so many youtube videos to try and master settings on the camera. At the time i didn’t have a full frame camera and i was shooting with a kit lens 18-55mm. Talk about the struggle hahaha. I also didn’t have any strobes I used my flashes and some continuous lighting i bought off amazon. Model was pretty new and so was i but we clicked so perfectly and for that time the shoot came out decent. 

Q: Did you ever imagine where your photography would lead you ?

If someone was to tell me i would be a photographer i would laugh at them, Honestly, photography has been a blessing for me. Ive met so many amazing people, blessed with traveling to so many destinations, gotten free passes to private shows, invited to stunning parties, and met some amazing and not so amazing celebs. 

Q: What is the most challenge creatively ?

The most challenging creatively would be creating that “wow factor”. Having people come up to you telling you your work is amazing is still something I’m shocked about. Yes i work hard but, i still don’t see it , i believe i can work harder. Being creative isn’t easy. I’ve built a solid team containing Makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, set designers, and background helpers so we can bring our ideas together and create it into a massive idea. 

Q: If you you could shoot anyone in the world who would it be? (Can be multiple)

Being blessed i’ve been able to shoot many people nearly half of them i signed over full right to i would say i would want to shoot with Zendaya, she’s stunningly beautiful and full of character, having those features creates a bond of creativity. 

Q: If you can shoot anywhere in the world where would it be? 

Out of all the places i’ve been i would love to return to Fiji and have a shoot there with a model. When i went it was for vaca and there not many models there. So i would love to travel with a model to that destination and shoot at their amazing sceneries. 

Q: Have you ever thought of giving up ? If so, why? 

There have been plenty of times i wanted to give up. Having a passion like this isn’t cheap. When i first started out i was broke and i spent the little money i had on an expensive camera and gear. With time comes new software, cameras, lighting, and standards in the market of photography. Starting out people weren’t trying to pay for shoot causing income to become non existent. But i believed in myself and pushed my career to a level that im even surprised of. I saw an opportunity to move to California and turn my photographer into overdrive or stay in Jersey and choose the career path of no income. 

Q: Are you inspired by any photographers or models ? If so, who ? 

I wouldn’t say I’m inspired by any photographers I’m intrigued by how they captured that image and go into overdrive studying the lighting setup, the light settings, the camera settings, and the lens and camera being used. Only to twist the results and turn it into my own. 

Q: What advice would you give any aspiring photographers ? 

I would say find you a team thats dedicated on becoming something in this industry, if everyones serious about their overall goals then thats where the magic happens. My second advice would be link up with a photographer and study under him. You won’t have much starting out but by working with a photographer who does you can learn how to use the equipment when you make your purchases. 

Q: What advice would you give the younger you ? 

Thats a tough one honestly, i have a lot to tell him but i feel if i told him to avoid people, or to not do something i fear it would change the outcome of where I’m at now and the people i know. Yes i would have loved to miss some girlfriends, or turn left vs right with many decisions. But my doing that i know for a fact i would be here doing what im doing now. 

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

Easy out the country. Im not a fan of living in the US all my life im looking to find me a slice of heaven on an island. 


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Marketing Website:  www.handydesire.com

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