DJ Bam


Born Marcus Bunch and raised in Jersey City NJ. I always had a love for music, it started at a young age I remember using my mothers cassette player and some old cassette tapes to make my own mixtapes , recording from the radio when some of my favorite dj’s were mixing live.Growing up, one day I went to west side park for a cookout. I saw a dj playing live , watching him mix, and hearing him on the mic seeing how the crowd respond to him I knew I not only had what it took, but I wanted to become a DJ.

I remember begging my pops to buy me turntable so we went to electronics in journal square and that’s where it all begin. I got my first pair of turntables the Gemini sa-600.
I set up in my parents basement where I spent countless days and nights self teaching the craft or mixing, blending, & scratching.

As I learn to perfect my craft I ran into another young fella DJ Midnight who was also a young dj learning his way and how to perfect his craft as well and we became a team.


In the beginning I was dj bam-bam but as I begin playing more school events and really making a name for myself I dropped the bam-bam and became DJ bam.Being blessed with many opportunities so show my talent I have played for some of the hottest venues such as BET 106& PARK, NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND IN NYC also for NIKE JUMP MAN 23 campaign. I’ve traveling across the county to DJ from The Dominican Republic to Canada. I begin building my foundation and planting roots. I settle in local gentleman’s club known as Wiggles.  

Wiggles was known to some as a small whole in the wall strip club, but to me it was home. Being embraced by so many and creating a following I begin my hashtags and that is we’re “The one man show”and “Ladies love Bam”was born.

When asked what makes me different from any other dj, I smile and say I am the one man show. My energy can create a vibe that anyone from any walk of life can feel. I can adapt to any genre establish a atmosphere of  fun, comfort and excitement.

From baby showers to bar mitzvah I’m a dj that can do it all.

Once conquering becoming the dj I dreamed of being , I set out to become more. I got tired of sitting around waiting for different promoters to book me for event ,I said to myself how dope it would be to not only be the dj but be the promoter also.

4 years later here I am, a successful dj and party promoter being books around the world and to think it all started in my parents basement.

My goal as a DJ is to be successful in every aspect of the word, just like the legends of DJ’s go, I to want to be a legend and leave my mark as DJ BAM.


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