Candice “Kärma “ Peterson

Jersey City singer, songwriter and engineer Candice “Kärma “ Peterson (born March 29, 1994) is the golden era of a songstress we all love. With a powerful yet serenading voice she’s someone you can’t get tired of hearing. She released her debut project Life After Love in 2014 and caught the attention of many people around her who knew she could sing but showcased her full artistry. She continued with collaborative projects such as “i95 & Wifi” and releasing singles such as ‘Solstice’ & ‘Make Me Say’. Releasing an Ep entitled “Sunny Side Up” in late November of 2017, Karma blew her fans away once again. She has since then done shows throughout the tri-state and featured with artist from New York and even reached all the way down into Texas. She has become what seems to be the “go to” for other artist because of her ability to orchestrate her vocals of a diverse selection of beats. Kärma has also earned the respect of her peers and many musicians because of her work ethic and intelligence of the craft.

  • HAJI: How long have you been creating musically?
  • KARMA: I’ve been creating for about 6 years now.
  • HAJI: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  • KARMA: I would perform anywhere out of the U.S. Possibly France or Australia. I love their music.
  • HAJI: What do you do mentally to prepare yourself right before hitting the stage?
  • KARMA: I kind of center myself. Just tell myself to take my time, deliver, and connect. I usually perform terribly if I don’t do so.
  • HAJI: At what point did you realize that music was your calling?
  • KARMA: I didn’t realize it yet. I think its not so much music but the message behind the music. I think my calling is to help people in general.
  • HAJI: Do you have any musical inspirations? If so who? Why?
  • KARMA: I get inspiration from  plenty. I love & study so many artists. Musiq, Maxwell, Omarion, Usher, Beyonce, Brandy, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Aaliyah, Chris Brown. So many thats not even HALF of half the list.
  • HAJI: Do you ever feel discouraged ? If so, what are some things you do to regain courage?
  • KARMA: Whenever I feel discouraged that just means I’m not caring for myself in a certain area. Self love is very important. But I allow myself to identify my feelings, figure out why I’m feeling that way, and be a little nicer to myself/ find a solution. I pray, meditate, take breaks from the outside world. Eventually, I remind myself how amazing I am and how much worse my life could be. That normally does the trick
  • HAJI: Does your family inspire you? If so how?
  • KARMA: Of course. My grandmother inspires me to keep following my dreams. She tells me stories about my lat grandfather, and how we are just alike. That gives me a sense of pride in my craft and my gifts. And other family members inspire me to keep going as well. Some don’t believe or support, but that just motivates me to keep going so that it becomes undeniable.
  • HAJI: How do you turn the negative things in your live into positives?
  • KARMA: Everything is a lesson. For the most part I allow myself to go through the negative just as I embrace the positive. Of course it is uncomfortable but that is how you grow! I grieve just like any other person does. But I never allow myself to stay down for long. I regain focus, take what lessons were for me and push forward.
  • HAJI: What advice would you give the 18 year old you?
  • KARMA: Focus on yourself. Don’t be afraid. Do everything you want to do and think about your future a bit more. Find your happy place. Be aware of yourself and your surrounding friends/ family. Protect your energy and hold yourself accountable.
  • HAJI: What advice do you have for any aspiring artist?
  • KARMA: The only advice I would give is to figure out your ‘why’. Once you do that, everything will come after. and don’t imitate someone because they’re like-able. Be yourself. The people you need will find you!
  • HAJI: Thank you so much for allowing me to feature you! It was really a pleasure !


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