I’ve always thought about what the bigger picture for me was. Then I started to become inspired by the people and the struggles around me. My goal is to help people see the beauty and strength in what we perceive to be “Hard times”. Im here to share my story one picture/video at a time. While at the same time delivering a great product for all of those whom blesses me with the opportunity to make their visions come alive with my presence.


Hello world ! My name is Hajirah Hutchins, everyone calls me Haji. I was born and raised in Newark, Nj. I am a PROUD NEWARK NATIVE! I am truly obsessed with the color blue, and I am very family oriented. I like to believe that my truest inspiration comes from all of the things that I have failed in this life. Failed friendships, failed relationships, failed career choices, and the list goes on and on. We all know what failure feels like in some form or fashion. Whether we believe we are the reason for those failures or not, whether we blame other for those failures or not, we ALL know what type of pain failure causes. What we do following those failures are the most important steps. We either grow and glow from it, or we get lost in the darkness. I have had my fair share of getting stuck in the darkness. I have always depended on the love others gave me. I always needed to feel a sense of “completion” in my life. So being in relationships back to back was something I did to cope with the fear of being “alone.” I was literally in a battle with myself. I was trying to give and receive love that I didn’t even have for myself. Self love is one of life’s most hardest lessons. Especially coming from broken homes, broken families, broken communities. I come from ALL of the above. It wasn’t until the last two months of 2017 that I realized that I literally need to love myself more! In order to heal, grow, glow, radiate, etc, we MUST love OURSELVES !! Its ok to have others love you. Just remember, Until you truly love MORE of YOURSELF, you will never be able to truly love those around you. You are no good to anyone if you aren’t good to self. No one walking this earth can love you like YOU! Allah(God) FIRST, then YOU, everything else will beautifully fall into its proper place!! So when you guys see me in my photos, when you see me gracefully prancing in videos, know that it is for ALL of those whom failed and got back up! I do it for US! I love you guys! #LoveMoreHaji #LoveMoreMvmnt


I would like to send a special thanks to my BIGGEST daily supporters, these are the people that have witnessed me at my lowest points. They have fearlessly fought to pick me up when I couldn’t do it for myself. Because of them, I am here…. I am still fighting. So to Makeda, DeeDee, Gab, Naasia, Candice, Sade, Jessica, Bitty, Jay, Toni, Mae’Lynn, Natayah, Asiyyah, Marquis, Ajanay, Ahsan, Ahmir, and Julyien, I don’t know where I would be without you guys and what you have contributed thus far. The love that you guys continuously fill me up with compares to NONE. You all are the air that fill my lungs, and the beat to my heart. I will NEVER be able to pay you all back. I do vow to go full throttle and I wont stop until Allah calls me home!! I AM going to make a better life for us ALL. Theres no doubt!! I love you guys!! – Love BaldHead!

Next Steps…

Pain does some beautiful things. The next step in life, no matter the situation, the next step is GROWTH. I am hoping that you are excited to grow with me…. Book me today!

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